The Witches of Armour Hill - A Crowdfunding Adventure! March 26, 2015 17:31

After a lot of work to finish the book, I'm proud to announce the Kickstarter for The Witches of Armour Hill, Book One, is up and running! The first draft of book one, Switch, has received a wonderful response on WattPad - better than I had ever hoped, in fact. With nearly 12000 views, and 491 favourites, Switch has developed quite a loyal fanbase (and I love you all to death).

With the second book in the series well under way, I'm finally ready to start the publication process for Switch. Step one? I'm looking to raise funds for editing, design, advertising and printing so that I can make the published book the very best it can be. Those who pledge will receive gifts ranging from free copies, to posters, to personalized artwork and plushies! If you're interested in being a part of the Witches of Armour Hill, please check out this link and consider making a pledge!


Margaret May Reis knows how strange she is; people have been telling 
her for years. At sixteen years old, though, Maggie begins to realize
that strangeness is only half the story. Maggie isn’t just strange –
she’s a witch.


The Witches of Armour Hill December 9, 2014 12:44

Last night, I finished a portrait of a witch from my newest novel, Switch. When I started posting Switch on WattPad, I draw my main character, Margaret May Reis. Now that we're so close to the end (only seven chapters left!) I've drawn her best friend, Rhosyn Meyers.


Switch is the first novel in a series I'm writing called The Witches of Armour Hill. You can check out the first eighteen chapters right now on WattPad. In the new year, I'm going to be crowd-funding the release of the paperback and ebook on Kickstarter, so keep an eye out for news if you'd like to be a part of my next novel!

Owls! December 3, 2014 18:46

Andrew bought adorable owl decals for all the mirrors in the house! Between the sub-zero temperatures, the snow, and the general lack of daylight, I hate winter. The only part I can stand is decorating my house =)

This week has been mostly dedicated to my current novel-in-process, the second installment of a series I'm writing called The Witches of Armour Hill. The first novel is currently being serialized on WattPad - anyone interested can find the first sixteen chapters here. When the serialization of this unedited draft is complete, will be the first place to find the final, polished ebook and paperback =)

I've got so much to get ready before then. There is a quarter of the book still to be serialized, and I'd like to have a set of at least five character portraits finished by then - right now, I've only got my main character done. I'll also be finishing up a few cover concepts, so that I can hold a public vote to decide the final cover art, and maybe starting a Kickstarter campaign to cover my upcoming editing costs.

There's just so much to look forward to!